We are proud to say our firm have advised citizens of Northern Europe with interests in Spain for more than 40 years. We are members of both Madrid and Alicante Bar Association.

The head and owner of the firm, solicitor Alicia Miranda, has been a member of  Ripoll Abogados since 1995. As of today she has more than 25 years experience working with international cases involving especially Norwegians.

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Aktuelt Spania

Every month we write an article in Norwegian with practical legal information for a Norwegian magazine by the name of Aktuelt Spania.

Alicia Miranda shares her day-to-day office with her colleague Cloe Alcamí, who in addition to Spanish and fluent English, speaks Dutch because of her mother’s ancestry.

June Høstan Van Riel, our secretary, is Norwegian. She is always ready to help anyone who contact us. She speaks Norwegian, her mother tongue, English and Spanish. June is always ready to explain to our clients how things work in Spain.

We collaborate with external professionals

in the areas where we are not specialists, all of them of high integrity, and with a lot of experience.





Our different nationalities and cultures as well as the knowledge of languages, makes our clients feel very comfortable in their relationship with us.

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