We recommend you have a lawyer assist you when you buy or sell a property in Spain. After all, you spend a massive amount of money to buy a property, and it is a huge long-term investment. Most people have to have a mortgage. To use a lawyer to assist you, one that understands your language or indeed speaks it, is in itself a guarantee that you will receive what you pay for. By letting us represent you, we will pay the taxes involved in the purchase on your behalf, and we guarantee the property you buy will be free of liens. We make it simple for you, and you don’t need to come to Spain to sign for the purchase. The lawyer will ensure the deed is registered into your name..

Most of the problems that arise when purchasing real estate in Spain are due to the lack of prior control by the appropriate professional. Because of the lack of prior control you could risk that the property has liens or unknown problems arise. Prior to the final transfer of the property, a lawyer will ensure all guarantees are met, before signing the contract. You will be safe in the knowledge you do not end up in a nightmare situation, one that easily can be avoided.

The fees are set by the Bar Association and all practising lawyers must belong to the Bar Association and have a Civil Liability Policy covering any unforeseen eventualities. We are members of the association in Alicante and Madrid.

If you need us to help you find a property or a buyer for you, we collaborate on Costa Blanca South, with www.dinbolig.com, with more than 30 years of experience in the area and on Costa Blanca North with www.dinhjelper.com and www.lovaseiendom.es. They will be more than willing to find the property that best suits your needs, or a purchaser for your home.


Do you know the Rent Act of Spain? A deeper understanding of the rent regulations is not easy, but essential to avoid long-term undesirable rentals or to ensure you fulfil your tax obligations with the tax office. You could end up with a contract that does not meet the statutory requirements, or sign something you may regret. Who pays if problems arise in the rental house? We know how to draw up a rental agreement that will safeguard your interests.


The guidance of specialized professionals to help you meet your tax obligation, is essential to enjoy tax benefits. Planning any transaction, either purchase, sale or inheritance, can save you a lot of money, and avoid problems with the tax administration and undesirable shocks.


It is difficult losing a loved one. And you only have 6 months to fulfil your tax obligations. If you wish to sell the property you just inherited, you need a new deed of ownership. In case you wish to transfer the property you will need to wind up the estate first. We are specialists in these matters, and have the knowledge needed to make the process as easy as we can for you. The procedure for how to register a deceased’s Spanish assets in the name of the heirs is not simple even if you speak Spanish. We are here to help.

The knowledge of Spanish legislation and that of our clients’ home countries, as well as our firms experience of more than 40 years, makes us consider ourselves specialists in this field.

We will ensure you are fully aware of the cost involved in putting the matters in your name and we pay the corresponding taxes so that you can enjoy, rent or sell your Spanish property.


The purchase of a home under construction requires the provision of guarantees in the event that the home is not delivered on time or its completion is prolonged or you discover irregularities with the building process. We know how important it is to examine, before the signing of a sales contract, that all guarantees are met.

Our experience is that by letting a lawyer pre-check all documentation, you will avoid problems for the future.

In case you have already signed a contract and paid a deposit but the vendor cannot transfer the property because it is not completed, or there are any discrepancies such as planning regulations or hidden defects, we can help you recover your money.

We have resolved this type of conflicts many times and it has made us specialists in the reclamation of the money paid to the seller or finding a solution you will be happy with.


We can help in advising you on the need to establish or not a company or association in Spain, either for the purchase of a property, or for any other purpose.

We will assist you in all the red tape and procedures with the tax administration, the payment of taxes and fulfilling the formal obligations that is entailed in having a company in Spain.

With us you will get expert assistance.


We see ourselves as specialists in the assistance and orientation of matters with foreign elements. It may be complicated but we have many years’ experience in working with law and regulations in other countries. We collaborate with other professionals, both within Scandinavia and in Spain.

We can be contacted in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English or Spanish.

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